More walker responses

More walker responses
Jourdan Sayers - Wed May 13, 2015 @ 09:30AM
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Post-Walk Picnic, c/o David Black

It's been such a pleasure receiving feedback from those who joined us May 2nd for Jane's Walk 2015: "West Side Urban Renewal: Blight or Right in the Sight of Jane." Keep 'em coming! I've included some responses below. 

From David Black:

Thank you very much indeed for a wonderful afternoon exploring the Upper West Side. We really must adopt this formula in Edinburgh, and seek to place some focus on community, rather than mere built heritage, important though that is.

I admit I derive much of my views in this matter from my community activist mother and her sister, Helen Crummy, both of whom set up a grass-roots program to engage those living in one of Edinburgh's most deprived areas in the 1960s. [...]

I fear much of the problem afflicting established communities today arise from a property investment culture which favors the 'fidiciary duty' of a company to return maximum profits to its shareholders, often at the expense of community interests [...]

From Judi Komaki, "who's come to appreciate even more her West Village neighborhood":

Fascinating to learn about the ups and downs of urban renewal. Such a treat to hear how the tenants literally saved 325 Central Park West from demolition with their floor-by-floor dinner party. Smiled at seeing the preservation of the inviting 3- to 5-story brownstones on W 94th. in stark contrast with the daunting big box stores built on a formerly blighted section of Columbus Ave and 100th. But walking toward Manhattan Ave on W. 100th St, what a relief to experience the human scale feel of the small businesses intermixed with residential buildings. Could only imagine how at home Jane Jacobs would have felt.

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